About Me
Hello, I'm Enikő Ottlakán.

As well as being a Sculptor, Holistic Personal Trainer,

Sports Conditioning Instructor,

Holistic Life Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner

& Body Balance Instructor
(a combination of Tai Chi, yoga, Pilates & Meditation),

I have for several years studied Nutrition, Breathing Techniques & the Mind-Body Connection with my main goal of ''healing'' myself as I had poor health since childhood.

I place great importance on each sessions being personal,
uniquely adapted to the individual,
understanding that no two people are the same.

Current times we are so bound to a sedentary lifestyle,
bombarded with external stressors
  therefore we become anxious, our body tightens, our breathing becomes shallow and as a result
we are more prone to injury and disease .

''Mindful Movement Through Full Range of Motion
with Deep Fulfilling Breaths''
is my mantra.

Before we start a private training session I observe my client, the way they feel and based on their emotional, mental and physical wellness
we begin an exercise program tailored to those needs.

My aprroach is therefore entirely holistic, 
Guiding my clients to optimal physical,mental and emotional wellness.
I began sculpting and taking photographs as a hobby several years ago and now my hobby has become my second business.

When I moved to England 15 years ago I didn't speak the language so while I studied in English I needed to find different ways to express myself and my emotions.
I thought to myself that the best way to express the self is to create it.
So I began to explore my childhood for clues.
What was I enjoying doing most as a child?

I knew I always wanted to create but

I wasn't sure which path to take.

I remembered that I spent hours after a rainy day playing in the mud as a child.

I loved the texture, the smell and the infinite ways of creating my imaginary world out of it.

Thinking about it again filled me with

a sense of purpose and happiness.

I knew I couldn't start playing outside in the mud again at this age so I was waiting for an answer as I still wasn't sure where I need to begin .

I am a great believer in signs from the Universe.

One evening I received that ''sign'' during watching a random film (No, it is not the Ghost!) where the actress played the role of a sculptress. Suddenly it all made sense to me. CLAY!

I went on a 2 week sculpting course which made me feel alive again, alive like the child, on those rainy days.

I have a deep passion for nature.
I simply become a new person every time I walk barefoot on the soil and grass.
I believe there is more to reality than we know.
Our perception of the Universe is limited to our 5 senses yet there is a world invisible to the naked eye where we are connected to something greater.

Everything in life is created and connected through patterns.

Some say this is a random phenomena and others say it is based on perfect mathematical patterns.

I believe the latter.

My 3D wall sculptures provide a bridge to this mysterious world where possibilities are infinite,

where we are all connected to each other and

live in peace and harmony in nature.

I make my''Thousand-Piece Body Sculpture

earrings, pendants & bracelets

out of professional polymer clay.


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